David Thorpe at THW

‘David Thorpe’s installation comprises new watercolours and meticulously crafted sculptural works, presented for the first time in Europe. Thorpe’s sculptures explore his interest in rehabilitating ancient craftsmanship and labour-intensive artisanal techniques. Drawing on the Arts and Crafts Movement and the work of William Morris and John Ruskin, Thorpe explores new forms of utopianism, where past and present intersect’. (Information from The Hepworth Wakefield website).

Endeavours and Private Lives (both 2010) allude to the aesthetics and theories of the Arts and Crafts Movement of the late 19th century […]. Thorpe’s large pattern-covered objects have been executed with the collaborative assistance of skilled artisans trained in recreating labour-intensive medieval recipes for making paint and ceramic moulds’. (Information from the Saatchi Gallery website).

Come and see these strange, Morris-esque boxes and tiled screens; listen to the monotonous hum, which increases as you approach The Collaborator; marvel at incredible craftsmanship, for example, the innumerable, hand-cut pieces of coloured leather assembled upon the surfaces of large, plaster cubes to form intricate, organic patterns; and be blinded (literally… but only momentarily) by enlightenment, upon peering into the secret, inner cavities of Private Lives and Quiet Lives.*

* Check it out – it’s cool – but please, whatever you do, don’t touch (this includes patting, rubbing, stroking, pushing, massaging, licking, kicking, punching, head-butting and eating) the art (unless you really want to freak out all the gallery attendants).

P.S. Please don’t freak us out. We’re all quite nice really. Thanks.


3 responses to “David Thorpe at THW

  1. Reblogged this on patternsthatconnect and commented:
    I got a very quick look at this show in passing the other day and I was impressed, especially by the painterly qualities of the repeat patterns, the execution of the paintwork is beautiful. A great post here about the show, with a gallery attendant’s plea.

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