HEATHER & IVAN MORISON Puppet Show at The Hepworth Wakefield

I am very, very excited about tomorrow! I will be attending a training session with Ivan Morison and Owen Glynne Davies to become a puppeteer for the Heather and Ivan Morison puppet show, which will be part of The Hepworth Wakefield’s Spring exhibition (opening this Saturday – 11th February 2012 – and running until 10th June 2012).

Up until now, I’ve only managed to snatch the occasional furtive glimpse of what is going on in galleries 7-10 (the temporary exhibition galleries) through gaps in the door and on the CCTV screen. Yesterday there was a spell of drilling and a cacophony of banging – followed by a nauseating waft of paint fumes and the sudden expulsion of black tissue-paper scraps, which gushed out from under a door and all over the floor of gallery 1.

Puppeteers have been told that the role, ‘may not be quite what you would expect from the title of ‘Puppeteer’’, and have been asked to attend the training session, ‘with an open mind’. So folks, you have as much idea of what we’ll be doing as we do right now!

Heather and Ivan Morison have used puppets before in their art. Mr Clevver (2010-2011) was a ‘traveling sculptural artwork in the form of a puppet theatre’, which toured ‘the less-traveled side roads and small rural settlements in western and north-western Tasmania’. For more information about Mr Clevver, and to see some lovely photos of the puppets, click here.

The Morisons’ new body of work, to be exhibited at THW, will incorporate, ‘a range of structures and objects that allude to science fiction, autobiography and fairy-tales’ (information from the THW Spring 2012 Gallery Guide). The puppet show will be called Anna and will draw on the life and work of 20th century British novelist Anna Kavan.

Guess who’ll be dreaming of puppets tonight. I just hope it doesn’t all go a bit Lady Purple!


3 responses to “HEATHER & IVAN MORISON Puppet Show at The Hepworth Wakefield

  1. You really are lucky

    And the puppet pic is AWESOME

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